Carola Schueller is a conservator experienced in preservin and enhancing works of art. Combining an expert knowledge of material science, excellent hand skills and practical expertise Carola Schueller is able to evaluate and interpret deteriorated surfaces of a variety of materials and material combiantions. She has sucessfully worked on works of art made of wood, ivory, leather, mother-of-pearl, tortoise shell and paper. Treatment plans are tailored to reinstate the integrety of a piece of furniture or work of art. Carola Schueller combines traditional woodworking with contemporary conservation techniques to achieve prolonging the life of treasures.

All treatments are aimed to safeguard historic objetcs for future generations and to slow down its deterioration processes. She works with tested conservation materials resistant to age and chooses methods that are reversible or retreatable. Stages of her work are documented photographically as well as in written form.