Conservation – Restoration

Assessment of damages


  • Furniture, wooden sculptures, musical instruments, gilded and painted picture and mirror frames
  • Veneer and marquetry
    • Inlays of ivory, bone, horn, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell
  • Marble tops and inlays
  • Linings of paper, leather and fabric
  • Cane and rush seats

Structural repairs

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  • Reinstate functionality of drawers, cabinet doors and chair and table frames
  • Replace missing hardware in the style contemporary to the piece
  • Consolidate weakened wood e.g. due to wood worm infestation
  • Reconstruct missing chair or table legs
  • Stabilize wobbly pieces of furniture and frames and re-attach broken off elements

Restoration of decorative elements

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  • Replace lost elements, e.g. replace lost veneer or carvings with new wood
  • Reattach loose veneer, marquetry, inlays and broken off carving
  • Color match newly added pieces to the surrounding areas

Surface and varnish treatments

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  • Separating later from earlier or original paint layers
  • Treatment of dull and delaminating varnishes, scratches and losses
  • Varnishing and french-polishing of wooden surfaces
  • Non-traditional and traditional water and oil gilding

First aid

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  • Stabilize loose and flaking gilding, veneer, varnish or paint before moving or packing for transport
  • Reinstate stability of after impact damage, basement flooding or fire